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Summaries of Coral Reef Valuations

  • Brander L., P. van Beukering, and H. Cesar. 2007. “The recreational value of coral reefs: A meta-analysis.” Ecological Economics 63: 209-218.
  • Coral Reef Economics Community of Practice – www.communities.coastalvalues.org/coralreef – Connects experts and practitioners in coral reef valuation and conservation. Includes technical papers, published journal articles, and examples of successful data collection methods. Users can share draft workplans, surveys, and data for review and discussion.
  • Coral Reef Valuation Summary Table from Hargreaves-Allen, V. 2004. “Estimating the Total Economic Value of Coral Reefs for Residents of Sampela, a Bajau Community in Wakatobi Marine National, Sulawesi. A Case Study.” Imperial College London, MSc thesis. See appendix, pp.106-112. Online at: http://www.iccs.org.uk/thesis/Hargraves-AllenMSc%20Thesis.pdf.
  • NOAA Coastal and Ocean Resource Economics – http://marineeconomics.noaa.gov http://www.marineeconomics.noaa.gov/bibsbt/welcome.html – Annotated bibliography of all coral economic valuations done worldwide

Summaries of Valuations for other ecosystems

  • Conservation International ValMap – http://www.consvalmap.org/ – A map-based database of factoids on economic valuations of ecosystem services from over 100 reports covering 40 countries since the year 2000, with a special focus on developing nations.
  • Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory database – http://www.evri.ca/ – A searchable storehouse of empirical studies on the economic value of environmental benefits and human health effects. It has been developed as a tool to help policy analysts use the benefits transfer approach.
  • Envalue Environmental Valuation Database – http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/envalue/ – A systematic collection of environmental valuation studies presented in an on-line database. Mission: to assist decision makers in government and industry as well as academics, consultants and environmental groups, to incorporate environmental values into cost-benefit analyses, environmental impact statements, project appraisals and overall valuation of changes in environmental quality.
  • Environmental Valuation and Cost-Benefit News – http://envirovaluation.org/ – This news site covers legal, academic, and regulatory developments pertaining to the valuation of environmental amenities and disamenities. We share ways in which costs and benefits are measured, and the results of empirical studies. We hope that this information will allow public and private organizations to comprehend the risks and benefits of various actions, help disputants to resolve conflicts equitably and efficiently, and improve the quality of public policies.
  • Nature Valuation and Financing Network – http://www.naturevaluation.org – Mission: to stimulate the development and exchange of practical tools and best practice for the valuation of ecosystem goods and services, so that decisions concerning economic development are made with full awareness and understanding of all the costs and benefits involved. Features: a publication database with download/upload capability, a case study database for identifying related case studies in the field, and discussion platforms.
  • Nature Valuation and Financing Network’s CaseBase – http://www.eyes4earth.org/casebase/ – Interactive online case study database aimed at facilitating information exchange in ecosystem management for sustainable livelihoods.
  • National Ocean Economics Program – http://noep.mbari.org/ – Provides a full range of the most current economic and socio-economic information available on changes and trends along the U.S. coast and in coastal waters. The program is funded by federal, state, university, and private grants and contracts.

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