Ocean Finance
Jayne Jenkins

Examples of economic valuation applications that have resulted in tangible outcomes

Jayne Jenkins

Examples for coastal ecosystems

  • Barbier, E.B. and I. Strand. 1998. “Valuing Mangrove-Fishery Linkages.” Environmental and Resource Economics 12: 151-166.
  • Beaumont, N., M. Townsend, S. Mangi, and M. Austen. 2006. “Marine Biodiversity – An economic valuation: Building the evidence base for the Marine Bill.” Prepared for DEFRA, UK. Plymouth, UK: Plymouth Marine Laboratory.
  • Dixon, J., L. Scura, and T. van’t Hof. 1993. “Ecology and microeconomics as ‘Joint Products’: The Bonaire Marine Park in the Caribbean.” World Bank, LATEN Dissemination Note #6.
  • Hargreaves-Allen, V. writes: “A previous and simple exploration of visitor WTP for whale shark trips at the Gladden Spit reserve (Rachel Graham) helped to influence the decision to raise entrance fees for whale shark trips (personal communication, Gladden Spit Marine Reserve Manager, Belize). A recent valuation study (by V. Hargreaves-Allen) will also be used to lobby the government department to let the reserve keep some or all of the entrance fees collected. By having a valuation exercise, they can make a case that the reserve is producing tangible benefits and is therefore a good investment. In addition, the visitor WTP study is being used to convince local tour operators that fees can be increased.”
  • Newell, R.I.E., T.R. Fisher, R.R. Holyoke and J.C. Cornwell. 2005. “The Comparative Roles of Suspension Feeders in Ecosystems.” In R. Dame and S.Olenin, eds. “NATO Science Series: IV – Earth and Environmental Sciences.” Vol 47. Springer, Netherlands, pp 93-120.
  • Sathirathai, S. 1998. “Economic Valuation of Mangroves and the Roles of Local Communities in the Conservation of Natural Resources.” EEPSEA Research Report Series.

Examples for terrestrial ecosystems

  • Muñoz-Piña, G.A., J. Torres, and J. Braña. 2008. “Paying for the hydrological services of Mexico’s forests: analysis, negotiations and results.” Ecological Economics (in press – corrected proof).
  • Natural Capital Project – http://www.naturalcapitalproject.org/california_prim.html
  • van Beukering, P., L. Brander, E. Tompkins, and E. McKenzie. 2007. “Valuing the Environment in Small Islands – An Environmental Economics Toolkit.” United Kingdom: Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC). Online at: http://www.jncc.gov.uk/page-4065.

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