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Coastal Ecosystem Services at the Land-Sea Interface International Workshop

Kiel University, Germany
Sunday , March 22, 2015 - Wednesday , March 25, 2015

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Location Kiel University, Germany

At the land-sea interface, very different ecological structures and functions are unified within a complex network of landscape and seascape characteristics. Therefore, the analysis of the environmental interactions between these ecosystem types provides several interesting research topics. Additionally, coastal areas are exposed to manifold and strong pressures from human land and sea utilization. Consequently, coastal areas provide an extremely complicated network of ecosystem services. Finding suitable indicators for ecosystem service quantification, conceiving optimal strategies for ecosystem service valuation and implementing ecosystem services into management, mapping and planning strategies thus are challenging, important and topical questions for ecosystem service research and application.

To exchange information on these items, to discuss concepts and results, to improve cooperation and to work on the integration of terrestrial and aquatic approaches, the working group “Ecosystem Services” from the German section of the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE-D), the working group “Ecosystem Service Indicators” from the Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP), the research group “Coastal Research North Sea / Baltic Sea” (KÜNO), the research project “Baltic Coastal System Analysis and Status Evaluation” (BACOSA) and the Institute for Natural Resource Conservation of Kiel University are happy to invite you to participate in an international workshop on coastal ecosystem services at Kiel University, Northern Germany from March 22-25, 2015.