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ICRI Side Event: “Blue economy – Coral reefs matter”

Sunday , September 04, 2016

The Blue Economy generally refers to those economic activities that directly or indirectly take place in the ocean and coastal areas, use outputs from the ocean. It recognises “goods and services” from the ocean and costs, and their contribution to economic growth, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing. To be successful, a Blue Economy need to be based on healthy, resilient and productive marine environments.

In that regard, coral reefs have a direct impact on the Blue Economy: for instance, worldwide, approximately 850 million people live within 100 km of reefs, many of whom are likely to derive some benefits from the ecosystem services they provide. At least 94 countries and territories benefit from reef tourism; in 23 of these, reef tourism accounts for more than 15 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). More than 150,000 km of shoreline in 100 countries and territories receive some protection from reefs, which reduce wave energy and associated erosion and storm damage. During this event several “coral reef” initiatives/project contributing the blue economy will be presented.

Moderator: Carl Gustaf Lundin: Director, IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme

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