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Protecting the Future of Coral Reefs

Our Ocean Conference, Side Event Room 6, Palau

Thursday , April 14, 2022
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Location: Side Event Room 6, Palau

Organized Under The United States of America Secretariat, 2021

Participating Members Wildlife Conservation Society

Protecting the Future of Coral Reefs

On the road to Kunming with new science and innovative finance

14th April 2022

Our Ocean Conference, Side Event Room 6, Palau

Experts from around the world will speak up #ForCoral at Our Ocean Conference in Palau, on the 14th of April 2022.

Hosted by ICRI, WCS, and Bloomberg Philanthropies, the side event will explore the newest science and most innovative finance to guide the urgent need for international collaboration to save the world’s coral reefs. Below you will find the proposed agenda for the event:

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