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Matt Curnock

Global Fund for Coral Reefs – Request for Information

Matt Curnock

Conceptualized in 2020, the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR, or the “Fund”) is a blended finance vehicle that seeks to invest $500 million USD in coral reef conservation over the next 10 years. We are disseminating a Request for Information (RFI) that is the first step in scanning potential reef areas and businesses for investment.  In collaboration with the GFCR’s partners, the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) will use the information gathered in the RFI to develop an Investment Plan (the Plan) for the Fund.  The innovative and growing partnership currently includes:

If you are interested in proposing a business or coral reef site to be considered for investment, we request that you complete one or both of two available questionnaires: one that seeks input on business models and finance instruments that can have a positive impact on coral reefs, the other that explores the potential for different coral reef sites as areas of concentrated investment efforts. The Request for Information questionnaires will remain open until September 30th and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

The Fund will support interventions and business models that achieve the following four outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Protect priority coral reef sites and climate change resilient refugia
  • Outcome 2: Transformation towards sustainable livelihoods of reef-dependent communities
  • Outcome 3: Coral reef restoration and adaptation technologies
  • Outcome 4: Recovery of coral reef-dependent communities to major shocks (e.g. large storms, health crises, etc.)

For background information on the Global Fund for Coral Reefs, please follow this link.  The landing page has links to the two surveys, additional documents on the Fund, and FAQs.  You are welcome to follow these direct links:

Read more about the Fund here.

Learn more about the RFI here.

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