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Coral Restoration Consortium (CRC)



Tali Vardi, Ph.D.
Coral Restoration Consortium / ECS for NOAA Fisheries
Executive Coordinator / Coral Science Lead

R. Scott Winters, Ph.D.
Coral Restoration Consortium / Coral Restoration Foundation
Co-Chair / CEO

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The Coral Restoration Consortium (CRC) is a community of practice comprised of scientists, managers, coral restoration practitioners, and educators dedicated to enabling coral reef ecosystems to survive the 21st century and beyond. The CRC’s mission is to foster collaboration and technology transfer among participants, and to facilitate scientific and practical ingenuity to demonstrate that restoration can achieve meaningful results at scales relevant to reefs in their roles of protecting coastlines, supporting fisheries, and serving as economic engines for coastal communities. The CRC hosts the only global conference focused on coral restoration, Reef Futures. The CRC is also a Topic Chapter of the International Coral Reef Society. CRC joined ICRI in 2021.

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Background Information

CRC developed a comprehensive guide to monitoring coral restoration projects.

Priorities for 2020-2025 are:

  • Increase restoration efficiency, focusing on scale and cost-effectiveness of deployment.
  • Scale-up larval-based coral restoration efforts, emphasizing recruit health, growth, and survival.
  • Ensure restoration of threatened coral species proceeds within a population-genetics management context.
  • Support a holistic approach to coral reef ecosystem restoration.
  • Develop and assist the use of standardized terms and metrics for coral reef restoration.
  • Support coral reef restoration practitioners working in diverse geographic locations.

Last Updated: 21 June 2024