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Aylem Hernández Avila
National Center of Protected Areas of Cuba (CNAP)
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
[email protected]

Background Information

Surface of Coral Reefs: 3020 km2

  • 3 020 km2, approximately (Spalding, 2004)
  • 3 642 km2, approximately (Perera, et al, 2009).
MPA Information

MPA(s) with coral reefs: 1733
Percentage of coral reef MPA(s) to the coastal zone or marine area: 34%

Ramsar Sites

Sites with Coral Reefs: 4

  1. Buenavista
  2. Ciénaga de Zapata
  3. Sur de la Isla de la Juventud
  4. Gran Humedal del norte de Ciego de Ávila


Last Updated: 20 December 2021