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Science and Conservation of Fish Aggregations (SCRFA)



Martin Russell
[email protected]

Yvonne Sadovy de Mitcheson
Executive Director
[email protected]

Science and Conservation of Fish Aggregations (SCRFA) was formed in 2000 to promote and facilitate conservation and management of fish aggregations, with a focus on spawning aggregations.

SCRFA participates in scientific, conservation and resource management communities, producing a diverse range of printed and visual materials, participation in workshops, international meetings, committees and other relevant forums. SCRFA has five Board Directors based in Hong Kong, Australia, Seychelles, Mexico, and US Virgin Islands.

SCRFA strives to work towards better protection and management of fish aggregations. We document aggregations in a global database, including providing their status and history. We also provide methods, guidelines and assistance for assessing, documenting, and managing aggregations and aggregating species, including education and awareness-raising.

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Science and Conservation of Fish Aggregations (SCRFA)

Last Updated: 2 February 2022