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World Resources Institute



Nicola Frost
Deputy Director of the Ocean Program and Deputy Head of Secretariat, Ocean Panel
World Resources Institute
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The World Resources Institute (WRI) supports decision-making relevant to coral reefs through research, analysis, economic valuation, information integration and sharing and communication. We aim to overcome data silos. WRI recently led a research effort to identify the spatial data needs of multiple audiences making coastal planning, management, and investment decisions. WRI has leveraged that research to collaboratively develop a Global Coral Reef Profile, and dashboards which provide consolidated, map-based information and indicators on the value of coral reefs, the threats they are facing, the factors which promote coral resilience, progress on protecting reefs, and what actions are needed to save them. WRI also collaborates on innovative modelling of the ecosystem service values provided by coral reefs and mangroves and provides support to associated platforms including the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy and Friends of Ocean Action with a view to catalyze ambitious and collaborative action to protect and restore coral reef and associated ecosystems. Our work is global in scope.

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Last Updated: 1 February 2024