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Warren Baverstock

New interactive site for information on status, outlook, and importance of the world’s coral reefs

Warren Baverstock

The World Resources Institute (WRI), with support from many partners, has released a Global Coral Reef Profile, which provides consolidated, map-based information and indicators on why coral reefs are important, what threats they are facing, what makes reefs resilient, and what we can do to save them.

The global profile uses interactive maps and graphics, coupled with short narrative descriptions and details on data sources.  The profile covers:

  • Coral reef values– tourism, fisheries, and shoreline protection (maps) and number of people dependent on coral reefs
  • Local threats to coral reefs– overfishing, coastal development, pollution from land and sea
  • Global threats to coral reefs – warming seas and coral bleaching, ocean acidification and tropical cyclones
  • Coral reef condition and trends
  • Management and resilience – adjacent habitats, coral connectivity, and marine protected areas
  • Social and economic vulnerability to coral degradation and loss 
  • Key Resources – for further information on science and management, protected areas, status and trends, ecosystem values, and how individuals can aid coral reefs

This release of the Global Coral Reef Profile is a Beta version.  It will be augmented and improved in response to user feedback. Questions we would like feedback on are included in the attached form (word document) or simply as an e-mail. Feedback can be sent to [email protected].

Want to dive deeper into the data?

In addition to the Profile, WRI has created a Coral Reef Data Hub on Resource Watch.  This allows users to more deeply interact with the spatial data sets shown in the Profile. Selection of datasets included was guided by research on Data needs to support decision-making relevant to coral reefs, which was implemented by WRI in collaboration with TNC, National Geographic Society and Vulcan Inc.  

Source: WRI announcement

Associated Member: World Resources Institute

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