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Carol Phua
Coral Reef Rescue Initiative Leader

Alejandra Calzada
Resilient Coastal Habitats ACAI

WWF works from local to global, with people in remote fishing communities, heads of state and with many diverse partners, to unleash a wave of support for our oceans. By highlighting the importance of healthy oceans for human well-being, we’re engaging with communities, governments and businesses – including the finance sector – to end damaging activities and to spur investment in sustainable practices that help conserve the marine environment.

WWF has several partnership Initiatives that focus on the conservation and sustainable development of coastal areas. The Coral Reef Rescue Initiative presents a rescue strategy to conserve the world’s rapidly deteriorating tropical coral reefs. This response uses the best available science and knowledge to target the least exposed, yet most connected, coral reefs in the face of a rapidly changing climate. It recognizes that the vast majority of these reefs are in places where local communities are facing poverty and associated challenges to their food and livelihood security. Based on a strong collaborative effort by experienced partners, the initiative will generate the resources and political will to support those communities in saving these key regenerative reefs – thereby securing the futures of 70% of the identified resilient reefs that would otherwise be lost and the well-being of over 250 million people.

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Launching in late 2023, the Coral Reef Rescue Initiative Knowledge Hub will It is where CRRI stakeholders can share experiences, case studies, tools and advice, while also training via a variety of online and accessible educational courses. Our goal is to support the diverse range of communities of practice needed to protect climate-resilient coral reefs and promote sustainable development in coastal communities.

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Last Updated: 21 June 2024