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Coral Reefs: Introduction to Challenges and Solutions

Photo Credit: Ocean Image Bank // Gabriel Barathieu

The Coral Reef Rescue Initiative has recently launched an open online course titled Coral Reefs: Introduction to Challenges and Solutions, which represents an important step toward supporting the conservation and management of climate refuge coral reefs and the resilience, health, and sustainable development/climate adaptation for coastal communities dependent on these reefs.

Photo Credit: Ocean Image Bank / Jayne Jenkins

The course is a collaboration between the University of Queensland’s School of the Environment, the Coral Reef Rescue Initiative (CRRI), ICRI member WWF and Coral Reef Rescue Global Environment Facility.

Explore one of the world’s most unique ecosystems, tropical coral reefs, while understanding the key threats to reef health and their solutions. Learners can now access the course on Edx,  the course is free or you can upgrade to earn a verified certificate.

Photo Credit - Ocean Image Bank // Tracey Jennings

Completing the course will allow you to:

  • Identify the parts of coral reef ecosystems outlined in the course and describe how the components function and interact.
  • Justify the importance and describe the roles of coral reef ecosystems.
  • Describe the local and global threats and stressors that coral reef ecosystems face.
  • Examine, critique and justify solutions for how we can begin to reverse the loss of coral reef ecosystems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to cooperate effectively with others to share information and solutions.
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Source: Adapted from CRRI News

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