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Life is Better in Colour

Photo Credit: Ocean Image Bank // TheOceanAgency

In a world of vivid colours and vibrant brands, we are raising awareness for the fading beauty beneath the waves. Support coral reefs and bleach for the reef, by bleaching your logos.

The clock is ticking, and the vibrant coral reefs that have thrived in our oceans for centuries are vanishing before our eyes. Climate change, pollution, and warming waters have left these underwater cities in peril, their bright colours fading like forgotten memories.

By bleaching our logos, we are shining a spotlight on the alarming phenomenon of coral bleaching that is occurring RIGHT NOW around the world.

Why care about coral bleaching?

Coral reefs are the lifelines of the ocean supporting 25% of all known marine life, yet only cover less than 1% of the seafloor. They are integral to sustaining Earth’s vast and interconnected web of marine biodiversity and provide ecosystem services valued up to $9.9 trillion annually. For more than one billion people, including vulnerable coastal communities, whose daily lives are inextricably linked with life below water, healthy coral reefs are sources of sustainable food, livelihoods and income generation, protection from storm surge, medicinal properties, and significant cultural heritage. Coral reefs are essential to the security, resilience, and climate adaptation of many of the most climate-vulnerable nations on Earth.

Join us to bleach your logo

For the month of November, ICRI in partnership with the Coral Reef Alliance is “bleaching” their logos in solidarity for coral reef conservation and in honour of Coral Bleaching Awareness month. We urge you to join and bleach your logo with us.

Pair your logo with the caption, “Life is better in colour”, along with #coralbleachingawareness and #ForCoral

(Need help bleaching your logo? Email a vector version to [email protected], and they will take care of it)

Photo Credit: Ocean Image Bank / The Ocean Agency Bleaching
Tag us on Social Media

Once you have bleached your logos tag us on social media:

LinkedIn: @International Coral Reef Initiative  and @Coral Reef Alliance
Twitter: @ICRI_Coral_Reef and @CORAL_org

No logo? No problem!

Share a Bleached Coral Image pairing your image with the caption, “Life is better in colour,” along with #coralbleachingawareness#ForCoral

For More Information
Join other organisations for #coralbleachingawareness month
Member The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)

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