Negotiation Toolkit

Warren Baverstock

This page provides information produced through the work of the ad hoc Committee to provide information, policy analysis relating to the discussions and negotiations under the Post-2020 GBF Process. The aim is to provide targeted materials to support Parties and Organisations working with Parties to help translate the ICRI Recommendation in terms of the evolving Post-2020 process.

Materials for SBSTTA 24 informal sessions (February 2021):

Guidance on coral reef indicators to be discussed under Agenda Item 3 at CBD SBSTTA-24:  CBD/SBSTTA/24/3 contains the overview of the updated monitoring framework and draft decision for SBSTTA-24 and CoP15. CBD/SBSTTA/24/3Add.1 is an addendum with the full list of proposed indicators (i.e. the current proposed monitoring framework).

The ICRI Recommended Indicators Table (PDF file) responds to the content of the documents described above, to be considered under agenda item 3 at SBSTTA-24, and the ICRI recommendation.