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Release of a new coral restoration planning & design tool

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The US EPA, US Geological Survey, NOAA, the Nature Conservancy, and Tetra Tech have released a Workbook supplement to A Manager’s Guide to Coral Reef Restoration Planning & Design. The latter was issued to support coral reef managers–together with their partners and stakeholders—in developing restoration projects for coral reefs in their locations.

The supplementary Workbook, Action Plan for Restoration of Coral Reef Coastal Protection Services: Case Study Example and Workbook, aims to serve as a user-friendly complement, providing a template to document the information used and decisions made during planning to create a Restoration Action Plan.

Four key steps to create a Restoration Action Plan that is tailored to the reef area and management context

The action plan, example case study, and workbook found in this report demonstrate a structured process for integrating climate-smart design considerations into restoration planning using A Manager’s Guide to Coral Reef Restoration Planning and Design.

It sets a hypothetical coral reef restoration project as a case study providing natural resource managers and decision-makers with a completed example of how to use the Guide workbook to inform a draft action plan.

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