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Release of CoReMo (Coral Reef Monitoring) 3

The CoReMo project (Coral Reef Monitoring) version 3, developed by ARVAM and funded under an agreement with Réunion Regional Council, the Ministry of Overseas France and the European Union; has been released.


The project stems from a successful region-wide collaboration under the aegis of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and has been implemented in cooperation with ReefBase and FishBase, and hosted by the World Fish Center. It aims to develop a software package, designed to enable scientific and non-scientific operators to monitor coral reef health.


The present coral reef monitoring protocols have been standardized and version 3, which has just been finalized by ARVAM and its partners, is now available in an offline version. CoReMo 3 consists of a Windows executable designed to develop simple, effective, standardized protocols to count benthic populations (fixed fauna including corals; mobile fauna) and ichthyologic populations (fish).

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