The Australia and Belize Secretariat, 2012-2014


Term 2012-2014

International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) Secretariat
C/O Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
P.O. Box 1379
Townsville QLD 4810

  1. To continue the implementation of the ICRI “renewed call to action” and “framework for action”.
    • The ICRI documents; “renewed call to action” and “framework for action” have provided a sound basis by which ICRI members and others can pursue effective management of coral reefs and related ecosystems.
  2. Organise and run 2 ICRI General Meetings, the first (GM 27) in Australia and the second (GM 28) in Belize.
  3. The themes for the General Meetings will focus on:
    • Community engagement and stewardship including community-based management initiatives. Local ownership of issues and solutions are key elements of successful environmental management. This theme will explore how community involvement in management can improve community understanding of coral reef issues leading to community driven solutions in both developed and developing countries.
    • Assessing the effectiveness of management Assessing the effectiveness of management actions in protected areas is about how well management is protecting the area’s values and to what extent management goal and objectives are being met. This theme will explore the utility of evolving management effectiveness tools, particularly current IUCN framework, in developed and developing countries.
  4. Provide funding support for three to five small projects to be conducted during the hosting period.
    • This objective seeks to encourage developing country community groups and NGO’s to nominate small projects, activities, events that could attract ICRI sponsorship as a major component of that project’s resourcing needs.
    • Successful projects will be announced at the first General Meeting (GM 27). The successful projects will be required to report back at the second General Meeting (GM 28). Learn more.
  5. To engage with government and non-government players around the world with key involvement in coral reefs and related ecosystems to join the ICRI partnership.
    • Engagement by government and non-government players in ICRI is not evenly “distributed’ around the world. There are regions where involvement in ICRI has, over time, been low. In addition, previous ICRI members have withdrawn their involvement. This objective also seeks to encourage previous members whose engagement in ICRI has waned in recent times to return to the ICRI table.
  6. To continue and enhance the leadership role of the ICRIforum website as a principal communication tool for ICRI in association with exploring new social media technologies for promoting the ICRI message.

Ms Margaret Johnson (Australia)
General Manager, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Ms Beverly Wade (Belize)
Fisheries Administrator, Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries

Contact Points

John Baldwin (Australia)
Manager International Cooperation
[email protected]

Anne Caillaud (Australia)
Project Manager
[email protected]

James Azueta (Belize)
Fisheries Officer, Ecosystems Management Unit Coordinator
[email protected]

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