The Japan and Palau Secretariat, 2005-2007


Term 2005-2007

Action Plan 2005-2007
The Secretariat will follow the Renewed ICRI Call to Action and the Framework for Action, and seeks to effectively manage and fulfil the role of the ICRI Secretariat by following the Revised Resolution of Organization and Management Procedure of the International Coral Reef Initiative.
The Secretariat will organize three ICRI General Meetings and focus on objectives listed below during the 2005-2007 term.
Objective 1 – Contribute to WSSD 2012 target on developing MPA networks relevant to tropical and subtropical coral reef ecosystems
Strengthen and update MPA database on East Asia and the Micronesia
Cooperate with relevant conventions, organizations and networks working on coral reef MPAs in collaboration with ICRI MPA Ad Hoc Committee
Objective 2 – Promote regional cooperation in the Pacific
Facilitate participation and cooperation among the Pacific Island countries
Strengthen cooperation with existing regional initiatives, for example, facilitation of regional ICRI workshops
Objective 3 – Review ICRI’s activities over the past 10 years
Review ICRI activities over the past 10 years and consider ICRI’s future direction
Publish a booklet which depicts ICRI’s activities of the past decade
Objective 4 – Promote outreach and awareness-raising of coral reefs
Initiate the work for proclamation of a day for coral reef conservation
Encourage ICRI members to conduct local outreach and awareness-raising activities
Promote utilization of the ICRIForum as the central gateway for information exchange and awareness-raising within and beyond the ICRI community
Objective 5 – Ensure successful ITMEMS 3 meeting (Cozumel, Mexico in 2006) (ITMEMS website)
Effectively disseminate the outcomes of ITMEMS3 to promote international awareness about ICRI and coral reefs
Maintain close linkage between ICRI and ITMEMS3


Mr. Tsunao Watanabe (Japan)
National Environment Planner

Youlsau Bells (Palau)
Director – Biodiversity Policy Division, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment
Contact Points

Keisuke Takahashi
Coordinator Corresponding officer on ICRI issues

Andrew Bauman
Marine Unit Chief