SocMon Resource: Global Reports

Global SocMon Strategic Plan: 2022-2026

GlobalBy Mary Allen, Maria Pena, S. Almerigi, P. Edwards, V. Hoon, C. Garcia Imhof, R. Pereira Medeiros, W. Mudong, M. Pido, A. Sanders, S. Wongbusarakum, U. Wyckoff Tomlinson  |  2023

The Global SocMon Strategic Plan update for 2022-2026 included revising the original mission and vision statements, updating strategic goals and objectives, and prioritizing specific actions for improving SocMon and its impact on coastal and marine management decision-making. The updated plan focuses on five main areas: 1) Capacity building, 2) Integrated socioeconomic and biophysical monitoring, 3) Sustained financing for long-term monitoring, 4) New tools and approaches, and 5) Communication for  holistic decision-making and management.

This report documents the update to the first Global SocMon strategic plan. Section 2 outlines the status of the initiative through a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. In Section 3, the revised vision and mission statements for SocMon are presented. The strategic goals and objectives and accompanying performance indicators comprises Section 4. Section 5 details strategic actions to be undertaken during the plan’s implementation period. Section 6 highlights the expected outcomes during the new strategic planning duration. The report concludes with Section 7 and the acknowledgement of the need to assess the global initiative over the next five years.