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Socio-economic Monitoring in Oistins, Barbados

CaribbeanBy Joyce Leslie  |  2010

thumbnail of Leslie 2010 Oistins SocMon CTR 29

This US-NOAA funded project on Socio-economic monitoring by Caribbean fishery authorities (Fisheries SocMon) was developed to build capacity in socio-economic monitoring for fisheries and coastal management and to develop a sustainable SocMon site monitoring plan. Barbados, Dominica, Nevis, Grenada and St. Vincent were the beneficiaries of the project. Training workshops were conducted to explain the SocMon Caribbean methodology for collecting and analyzing basic socio-economic data useful for coastal management. During this session, participants were encouraged to refer to the SocMon Caribbean guidelines and socio-economic manual reference material and each of the four phases of the SocMon Caribbean methodology: preparatory activities; planning and reconnaissance; field data collection and data analysis was described during the training process.


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