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Socioeconomic Monitoring for Coastal Managers of South Asia: Field Trials and Baseline Surveys Agatti Island, UT of Lakshadweep

South AsiaBy V. Hoon, B. Abdul Shukoor, O.G. Moosa, A. Ayoob, M. Cheriyakoya, M. Mohammed Ali, A. Hajara, B. Moosakoya, N. Tajunnissa, P. Aboobaker  |  2012

thumbnail of Socmon Agatti Terminal Report low resolution v2 May 30 2012

This is a report of the Community based Socioeconomic Monitoring program carried out in Agatti Island from October 2010 to December 2011.

The program was initiated with the premise that long term sustainability for coral reef management and monitoring programs can be ensured, if the local community participate and feel a sense of ownership in the program.

An additional benefit of this program is that it serves as both a capacity building and an awareness building program for the local communities who are directly involved in using the ecosystem goods and services and those who are involved in monitoring them.