SocMon Monitoring Site

Agatti Island, Union Territory of Lakshadweep

South Asia : India
Year completed: 2003

Socio-economic assessment and monitoring of coral reefs Agatti Island – Union Territory of Lakshadweep



1. Identify socio-economic indicators for routine monitoring of the selected parameter
and to produce a monitoring plan for demonstration sites; 2. To identify and predict problem areas in reef resource use of different stake holders in the U T of Lakshadweep; 3. To establish a process that will involve local participation (civil society) in monitoring
and managing their reef resources; 4. To increase local awareness of stakeholder related issues and threats with regard to
reef/lagoon usage; 5. Collect stakeholder views on coral reef resource management options, such as the establishment of protection zones within reef/lagoon in tune with local needs and utilisation patterns; 6. Identify alternative livelihoods where applicable; provide recommendations to GCRMN biophysical monitoring.