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Socioeconomic Monitoring for Coastal Managers of South Asia: Field Trials and Baseline Surveys Kudawa, Vankalai & Silawathurai Villages, Sri Lanka

South AsiaBy Indra Ranasinghe, MNMM Nusry, Upali Mallikarachchi, Hasantha Amarasekara, Subashini Vithanage, ACM Niyas, MJA Nazeer  |  2012

thumbnail of Socmon SL Terminal report may 30 2012

Apart from the natural causes, human activities lead to considerable amount of damage to the coral reefs and other marine and coastal resources. A combination of unsustainable fishing practices, over fishing and lack of law enforcement and awareness on the importance and ecology of marine and coastal resources is being a constant threat. Therefore, it is important to consider a fresh approach to conserve and manage the marine and coastal resources, which could ensure the sustainability.