SocMon Monitoring Site

11 populated islands of Seribu Islands comprising 6 villages

Southeast Asia : Indonesia
Year completed: 2005

Socio-economic assessment: In the use of reef resources by local community and other direct stakeholders

  1. Village of Untung Jawa Island – Untung Jawa Island
  2. Village of Tidung Island – Tidung Besar Island and Payung Island
  3. Village of Pari Island – Pari Island and Lancang Island
  4. Village of Panggang Island – Panggang Island and Pramuka Island
  5. Village of Kelapa Island – Kelapa Island and Kelapa Dua Island
  6. Village of Harapan Island – Harapan Island and Sebira Island



Developing a demographic profile (social and economic condition) of local community in Seribu Islands ; Identifying and measuring the use pattern of reef resources by local community and other primary stakeholders; and Gaining information on the perception of local community and primary stakeholders on their nature resources

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