SocMon Monitoring Site

Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo National Natural Park – Santa Cruz Islet, Múcura Island and Ceycen

Central America : Colombia
Year completed: 2007

Establishing a socioeconomic monitoring program for Corales de San Bernardo National Natural Park, Colombian Caribbean coastline



To develop skills for the socioeconomic monitoring team through a training process in data collection and data analysis; To identify threats, problems, solutions and opportunities for the sustainable use of park resources; To establish a baseline household and community profile; To determine the importance, value and cultural significance of resources
and their uses; To assess positive and negative impacts of management measures in
order to improve them and develop an adaptive management; To enhance stakeholder participation and public awareness programs; To verify and document assumptions on socioeconomic conditions in the area, community dynamics and stakeholder perceptions; To provide a basis for a regional system by means of which site-level data
can be fed into national, regional and international databases for comparison; To establish a socioeconomic monitoring program over a long term period of time