SocMon Monitoring Site

Santa Helena (referred to as Helene)

Central America : Honduras
Year completed: 2006

Integrating Biological and Socio-economic Studies for the Effective Conservation of the St Helena Region, Bay Islands, Honduras

Social and economic profile of Helene: community views on the environment and the potential for a successful MPA



To provide a set of baseline socio-economic data that Program for the Environmental Management of the Bay Islands (PMAIB) can use to develop a holistic environmental management plan for the Helene and
Barbaretta region and a benchmark by which future progress can be evaluated; Institutionally develop and strengthen local capacity to plan, use and manage
the economical exploitation of the natural resources; To improve local people’s conditions and quality of life by improving
drinking water supply, implementing basic clean -up and drainage facilities and
preserving marine ecosystems; and To initiate the establishment of mechanisms to recover public investments in the environmental sector, and generate financial resources and incomes to support the sustainable development of the Bay Islands.