The Reefs at Risk Revisited Launch is scheduled for February 23, 2011

On February 23, 2011, the World Resources Institute and more than 25 partners will be launching Reefs at Risk Revisited, a new comprehensive analysis of the threats to coral reefs. The release will take place globally, with launch activities in Washington, D.C.; London, England; Malaysia; Australia; and other locations.

The groundbreaking report, “Reefs at Risk Revisited,” is the most detailed assessment of threats to coral reefs ever undertaken. Led by the World Resources Institute, along with the Nature Conservancy, the WorldFish Center, the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN), UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Network (UNEP-WCMC), and the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN), it maps out local and global pressures on reefs; assesses the vulnerability of people in reef-dependent countries; and provides recommendations to safeguard reefs in the future.

Resources— including the report, fact sheets, maps, downloadable data, a video, and other tools— will be available at

If you would like more information or a copy of the report, please contact: Lauretta Burke ([email protected]) or Ben Kushner ([email protected]).

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