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Morning session: GCRMN Caribbean report findings and community-based monitoring
Welcome & introductions, outline and objectives of morning session
ICRI Secretariat (Australia)
GCRMN Caribbean report: the journey, findings and implications for management
Prof. Jeremy Jackson / Prof. Jorge Cortés Núñez
Monitoring for management #1: a local example of community-based monitoring (presentation, PDF file)
Linda Searle, ecomar Belize
Monitoring for management #2: an example of regional collaborative monitoring in Mesoamerica  (presentation, PDF file)
Melanie McField, Healthy Reefs
Monitoring for management #3: the AGRRA network (presentation, PDF file)
Judith Lang, AGRRA
Monitoring for management #4: CARICOMP and how scientific monitoring can feed into management decisions (presentation, PDF file)
Prof. John Ogden, CARICOMP / Prof. Jorge Cortés Núñez
Discussions of implications of the GCRMN report for the Caribbean Network
Chaired by: Prof. Jorge Cortés Núñez and Angelique Brathwaite
New tools for reef monitoring: CATLIN Seaview
Manuel González-Rivero, UQ
Storing and analysing data: the realms of possible. Presentation of a prototype database (presentation, PDF file)
Michael Kaminski, OTB Spatial
Discussion panel: Monitoring for management: options, possibilities and ways forward in different regions of the world
Panel: Jorge Cortés Núñez, Judith Lang, Linda Searle, John Ogden, Michael Kaminski, Manuel González-Rivero (chaired by Jeremy Jackson)
Afternoon session: community based management/co-management(*)
Outline and objectives of afternoon session
ICRI Secretariat (Belize)
Co-management arrangements: lessons learnt from Belize (presentation, PDF file)
Beverly Wade, Belize
Co-management arrangements: opportunities in Grenada
Roland Baldeo, Grenada
Interactive exercise (break-out groups): how can co-management work in your country? What are the principles behind them that could make it work? Break-out sessions
Presentation of findings (5 minutes each) Group leaders

(*) Note: a parallel session to discuss the strengthening of the GCRMN Caribbean Network will be held with key players from 1400 to 1600 in Caracol.

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