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Angelique Brathwaite
Director of Science and Management & Co-founder
Blue Finance

Nicolas Pascal
Executive Director & Co-founder
Blue Finance

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Blue finance is Becoming
Blue Alliance
Marine Protected Areas


At our core, our organisation thrives on alliances. We believe in the power of collaboration with communities, governments, technical and tourism partners, and our esteemed strategic funding partners.

These alliances are the driving force behind our ability to fulfil our purpose of building and co-managing enduring, self-sustaining Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

With a deep commitment to showcasing the importance of alliances in our DNA, we are excited to announce our transformation from ‘Blue finance’ to ‘Blue Alliance – Marine Protected Areas’.

The new name embodies our dedication to alliances and emphasises our focus on protecting marine ecosystems and supporting local communities.

Although our name is changing, the essence of ‘Blue finance’ continues to represent our pivotal blended finance model to provide adequate up-front capital for MPAs, and which will be known within our organisation as our ‘Blue finance MPA facility’.

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Blue Alliance works with governments to build and manage Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that regernate coral reef ecosystems and improve the lives of local communities. We bridge the marine conservation, financing gap through innovativem Blue Economy reef-positive businesses in and around MPAs.

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Brand Architecture

A quick overview of our brand architecture demonstrating Blue Alliance entities already established in regions where we operate.

Last Updated: 21 June 2024