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Shafiya Naeem
Director General
Maldives Marine Research Institute
[email protected]

Khadeeja Ali
Senior Research Officer
Maldives Marine Research Institute
[email protected]

Ms. Muhsina Abdul Rahman
Assistant Director
Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology
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The country runs a 22-year-old long-term National Coral Reef Monitoring program which was initiated in response to the 1998 mass bleaching event. From this program, a National Coral Reef Monitoring Framework, which defines a standardised method of monitoring in the country, and a complementary web-enabled database for storage of marine monitoring data, has been established in recent years.

In 2019, a National Coral Reef Restoration and Rehabilitation program has also been established to develop a nationwide restoration and rehabilitation program which aims to address the deterioration of reefs due to climate change.


Status & trends of hard coral cover derived from long-term monitoring sites: 1998-2021
Status of bleaching in the Maldives 2016
A rapid assessment of natural environments in the Maldives
2020 Maldives coral reef assessment report
Assessment of Maldivian coral reefs in 2009 after natural disasters
Background Information

Surface of Coral Reefs: The nation comprises of 26 atolls and an estimated 1190 islands. The surface area of coral reefs differs based on the source but is estimated to be between ~2,697-4,510 km2.

National Coral Reef Initiative

The Maldives Marine Research Institute (MMRI) carries the official mandate of monitoring the status of coral reefs in the country. MMRI runs two main programs, The National Coral Reef Monitoring Program, established in 1998, and the National Coral Reef Restoration and Rehabilitation Program, established in 2019. The institute also collaborates with the Environmental Protection Agency in monitoring coral reefs and with international collaborators in coral reef research.

Specific actions related to coral reef monitoring and health have been embedded into the 5-year Strategic Action Plan of the country.

MPA Information

MPA(s) with coral reefs: Nearly all MPAs in the country have coral reefs.

More Information: Makunudhoo Kandu, Rasfari Region, Thanburudhoo Thila (HP Reef), Banana Reef, Giraavaru Kuda Haa, Lions Head, Enbudhoo Kandu Olhi, Guraidhoo Kandu Olhi, Maaya thila, Orimas thila, Mushimasmigili Thila, Kudarah Thila, Fushifaru Kandu, Miyaru Kandu, Fushi Kandu, Vilingilee Thila, Kuredhu Express, Nassimo Thila, Kari Beyru Thila, Bangali thila, Vattaru Kandu, Hakura Thila, Fitheyo Kandu, Dhigali Haa and Giri, SAMPA, Hanifaru area, Anga Faru, Mendhoo region, Bathala, Mathifaru Hura, Maahuruvalhi Reef Region, Kandihera Maakandu channel, Rasdhoo-Maddivaru area, Fuvahmulah Nature Park, Addu Nature Park

Man and the Biosphere (MAB)

Sites with Coral Reefs: 1

Last Updated: 17 October 2023