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Summary of ICRI side event at the CBD negotiations in Geneva: 3 ways to save coral reefs through the GBF

Matt Curnock | Ocean Image Bank

The side event Three Ways to Save Coral Reefs through the GBF: An informal exchange with coral reef champions was convened by ICRI at the resumed sessions of SBSTTA-24, SBI-3 and WG2020-3 (Geneva, March 2022). It was co-organised with WCS and the following Parties: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Maldives, Monaco, Myanmar,  Seychelles and South Africa, United Kingdom.

The timing of this event was at an opportune moment,  just after the start of contact group discussions on both the GBF and as discussions on the monitoring framework were about to start. Opening statements were provided by Monica Medina, Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs and the US as Chair of ICRI and Abdulla Naseer, Minister of State for Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Maldives. These statements set the stage for a fruitful informal exchange of views of Parties, Non-Parties and Observers present in Geneva. The discussion was moderated Susan Lieberman (WCS) and David Obura (Cordio East Africa) and structured around the three key asks of the ICRI Recommendation for the inclusion of coral reefs:

Address from U.S. A/S Monica Medina at the CBD resumed sessions in Geneva for the #post2020 GBF

Address from Dr Naseer (Maldives) at the CBD resumed sessions in Geneva for the #post2020 GBF

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For more information on ICRI’s work to engage with the CBD Post-2020 GBF see:

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