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Ana Agostinho
Managing Director
Mirpuri Foundation
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The Mirpuri Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create a better world for future generations, working in six different areas: Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Performing Arts, Medical Research, Aerospace Research and Social Responsibility. We strive to foster a spirit of collaboration between global authorities, companies, communities and individuals to positively impact the most pressing issues threatening our planet. The Mirpuri Foundation has grown to become an institution of established influence, setting the bar, leading by example and sharing its best practices to build a better world.

Focusing on Marine Conservation, a number of initiatives have been put into place in the last years. The Mirpuri Foundation launched the “Turn the Tide on Plastic” Campaign in 2017, using the Volvo Ocean Race as a platform to raise awareness and change behaviours around single-use plastic. As the Sustainability Partner of Hi Fly airline, it also supported its efforts to make single-use plastic-free flights a reality.

On the International Year of the Reef (2018), the Mirpuri Foundation painted an Airbus A380 with its “Save the Coral Reefs” campaign livery, supported on land by a digital campaign to raise awareness on the issue.

In 2019, the Foundation launched the VO65 “Racing for the Planet” boat and campaign, which gained visibility by winning the inaugural edition of The Ocean Race Europe, in 2021, striving to put Climate Change, plastic pollution, and coral reefs protection on the global agenda.

Most recently, the Foundation organized the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy, a prestigious sailing competition aiming to highlight the ever-present need to protect our fragile ocean habitats. As part of its second edition, an international sustainability award was also launched – “The Ocean Award” –  with the aim to recognize excellence in the scientific community and reward the most innovative projects, many of which focused on coral reefs’ conservation and health.

Continuing this work of marine conservation, the Foundation launched “The Good Bottle”, an innovative package developed for the welfare of humanity and presented in the shape of a mineral water bottle, that is 100% biodegradable and contains algae, that help renew oceans and contribute towards marine life conservation.

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The Mirpuri Foundation amplified the message of its “Save the Coral Reefs” campaign by painting a Hi Fly Airbus A380 with this coral-themed livery.

Last Updated: 10 May 2023