New CORAL exhibition at l’Aquarium de Paris

From April to September 2017, l’Aquarium de Paris presents a big exhibition on coral reefs. Its aim is to publicize the diversity and beauty of underwater. As well as initiatives intended to preserve this unique and important heritage for humanity. In this context, art and science find themselves at the crossroads of intelligence and sensitivities on an ambitious and unique artistic journey mixing installations, sculptures, street art and photographs.

This exhibition is carried out under the patronage of the Australian Embassy in France, with the support of the State of Queensland and the participation of the Art Gallery of Australia: Stéphane Jacob (France) and Suzanne O’Connell Gallery (Australia), Posca, and the media partnerships of 20 minutes , France Bleu 107.1, France 4 and Sortir à Paris. ICRI and IFRECOR are also partners of the exhibition

At the initiative of l’Aquarium de Paris, artists decided to mobilize on the occasion of this exhibition in order to deliver a constructive and optimistic message on this crucial issue. The objective of this journey is to kindle the wonder of the public and inspire the desire to act to protect marine biodiversity.  

“I am convinced that art and contemporary art, in particular, is a formidable advocacy vehicle to create awareness about the environmental perils which threaten us. That is why every year we present the works of artists whose approach is in resonance with the issues we showcase. 2017 being the year of the Coral” emphasizes Alexis Powilewicz, Director and General Manager.

Articulated around the preservation of coral, this artistic journey is organized around three parts and three complementary approaches in which mixtures and intermingling sets of works are to be found. A unique concept that brings together in situ installations, sculptures, street art, photographs and videos around the same message “Soak in splendor to inspire protection”.

  • “Australia: Defending the Oceans”: Aboriginal sculptures in ghost net. The exhibition unveils 28 monumental sculptures in ghost nets, created to alert the public on an ecological and human drama.
  • “The Crossing of Appearances”: Photos and videos of Hélène Ash to reveal the moving beauty of the oceans
  • “Codex in fantastic waters”: Street art for a chimerical bestiary and confront the reality of the marine world with our dreams as children


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