New ICRI publication: Case studies: from ridge to reef

Recognizing the importance of engaging sectors and stakeholders throughout a watershed in order for coral reef conservation and management to be effective, a resolution on promoting an integrated approach to community-based coral reef conservation and management emphasizing land-sea connectivity was adopted at the 29th ICRI General Meeting in Okinawa. In this resolution, it was noted that model case studies would be compiled and shared at the 30th General Meeting, and that the final output would be published on the ICRI official website and through various media.

Following this resolution, the ICRI Secretariat reviewed and selected community-based coral reef conservation and management projects emphasizing land-sea connectivity from the annual reports that are submitted from the Members. An additional survey was conducted to those who have been involved in these projects to collect further information on specific activities.

The results have been put together in the form of a booklet, which showcases eight projects, their main achievements to date, and lessons learned. In addition, through an analysis of the common factors that were observed across the different projects, key enabling conditions at each stage of a project cycle were identified and summarized in a flow chart.

The Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to express its appreciation to those who have provided their valuable inputs into this report, and hopes this report will be of use to those who are working at the forefront of coral reef conservation and management.

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