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New ICRI publications on Coral Disease and Reef Fisheries

Disease in tropical coral reef ecosystems: ICRI Key messages on coral disease

There is a clear consensus from the growing scientific literature that large-scale coral disease outbreaks represent a significant threat to the productivity and diversity of coral reef ecosystems. Global climate change has the potential to greatly increase the prevalence of coral disease worldwide, leading to a rise in associated coral mortality. This introductory guide, developed by the ICRI Ad Hoc Committee on Disease in collaboration with the GEF CRTR Disease Working Group aims to inform policy and decision-makers worldwide about the alarming emergence and progression of disease throughout coral reef ecosystems, the possible interactions of disease with other environmental influences causing stress to reef ecosystems, as well as appropriate management responses promoted by the international community. Download the publication.

Citation: ICRI/UNEP-WCMC (2010). Disease in Tropical Coral Reef Ecosystems: ICRI Key Messages on Coral Disease. 11pp.

Reef Fisheries Management in the Pacific – Success Stories

This booket was realized by the CRISP Programme Coordinating Unit/Secretrariat of the Pacific Community in Noumea, with financial support from the French Government. It describes 4 success stories Reef Fisheries management in the Pacific:

  • Village-based catch survey in Fiji

  • Spawning aggregations in Palau

  • Support to marine aquarium trade in Kiritimati

  • Economic efficiency of MMAs in Vanuatu

Download the publication.

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