ICRI GM 26 – Indian Ocean Day

In an effort to improve regional cooperation and enhance the regional focus of ICRI’s work, a full day of the ICRI General Meeting will be devoted to issues in the Indian Ocean Region.

9:00 / 10:30 — Coral Reefs and the Indian Ocean

11:00 / 14:00 — The monitoring of the Coral Reef in the region

Aim of the session: Share the status and activities related to coral reef monitoring in the region, the link to the GCRMN regional node, and discuss on how to integrate GCRMN activities into these activities to enhance the coordination on monitoring activities in the region.
Chair: Jerker Tamelander, UNEP-Coral Reef Unit (CRU)

14:30 / 17:00 — Management and conservation of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean in the light of climate change

17:00 / 18:00 — Special session on the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme

Marine World Heritage: A regional comparative assessment of new potential sites in the Indian Ocean
Fanny Douvere, Coordinator
World Heritage Marine Programme

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