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Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP)



Rory Jordan
Deputy Director
Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP)
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Guiomar Duarte
Communications and Engagement Manager
Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP)
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The G20 Coral Research and Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP) is an initiative focused on accelerating international research and development to deliver the technologies and innovations required to secure a future for all corals and coral reefs.

The Platform’s main activity is the resourcing, management, and execution of collaborative, targeted global R&D programs, supported by voluntary contributions from G20 members, non-member countries, and philanthropic contributions.

In 2022, CORDAP launched its first funding program, the Coral Accelerator Program,  which invested US $18M in 14 collaborative coral R&D projects across the world. This program now runs annually and invests in novel, early-phase ideas through final, proof-of-concept development and testing. CORDAP solutions are open access, and must be scalable, affordable, and accessible to those who need them most.

CORDAP is governed by an international committee of members, guided by independent expert scientific advice. All international funding and donations received by the Foundation are allocated to its R&D programs, the platform administration is hosted and resourced by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a contribution to the global initiative.

We invite applications for membership from countries and organizations with a strong passion for corals and reefs, as we encourage them to become part of CORDAP to contribute to the protection and preservation of their future.

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Background Information

By bringing together the best minds worldwide in a transdisciplinary approach, CORDAP will advance the next generation of science and technology needed to improve the survival, conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration of both tropical and deep-water corals and reefs.

CORDAP also aims to increase support of and complement existing national, regional, and inter- national initiatives that are currently working on coral and reef conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration. In this light, CORDAP:

  • Focuses on research and development
  • Commits to scalability
  • Aims for board impact, globally
  • Is open to all
  • Is transdisciplinary
  • Is research-led
  • Strives for efficiency
  • International
  • And will be equitable and inclusive.

Read CORDAP’s strategic plan for 2022-2025 here.

Last Updated: 12 October 2023