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Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP)



Prof. Carlos M. Duarte
Interim Executive Director
Platform Central Node
Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP)
[email protected]

In 2020, 17 G20 nations launched the Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP) to accelerate global research and development of coral restoration and conservation in order to secure a future for corals and reefs in the face of climate change and other pressures. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was elected as the inaugural Chair of the Initiative Governing Committee and the United States, represented by NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program, was elected as Vice-Chair.

ICRI is involved throughout the platform, offering guidance and support, and is noted as a Partner, actively contributing to the Initiative Governing Committee.

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Background Information

By bringing together the best minds worldwide in a transdisciplinary approach, CORDAP will advance the next generation of science and technology needed to improve the survival, conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration of both tropical and deep-water corals and reefs.

CORDAP also aims to increase support of and complement existing national, regional, and inter- national initiatives that are currently working on coral and reef conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration. In this light, CORDAP:

  • Focuses on research and development
  • Commits to scalability
  • Aims for board impact, globally
  • Is open to all
  • Is transdisciplinary
  • Is research-led
  • Strives for efficiency
  • International
  • And will be equitable and inclusive.

Read CORDAP’s strategic plan for 2022-2025 here.

Last Updated: 19 December 2022